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31 20 235 78 22. Expat Medical Centre Amsterdam is offering high quality medical service to Expats living in Amsterdam and Amstelveen for over 10 Years now. We are the first doctor service specialized in treating expats in the Amsterdam area.
Doctor in Amsterdam Open on weekends.
Who are we. Tourist Doctor Amsterdam 2016. Click here to make an appointment. General Medical Care on Vacation. Welcome to Amsterdam., We hope you have a great time exploring our wonderful city of Amsterdam. If you have the misfortune of feeling ill during your holiday we are here to help you so that you can go back and enjoy your holiday.
Doctors in Amsterdam I amsterdam.
If you urgently need a doctor in the evening, at night or during the weekend, telephone the Doctors Service Foundation of Amsterdam SHDA, Stichting Huisartsen Dienstenposten Amsterdam at 088 003 0600. Click here for more information on what to do in a medical emergency.
Huisartsenpraktijk de Makroon General Medical Practice de Makroon Huisartsenpraktijk De Makroon.
Personen zonder Nederlandse zorgverzekering kunnen in Makroon Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam Centrum 24/7 bij onze toeristendokter, expatdokter en hoteldokter service Amsterdam Tourist Doctors terecht. SOA HIV Test ook anoniem. Afspraak maken online. Inschrijving nieuwe patiƫnten. Zorgkaart Nederland Huisarts Bouch. Zorgkaart Nederland HAP Makroon. Meer Makroon MC. Amsterdam Tourist Doctors. Amsterdam Travel Clinic. GP de Makroon English website. 2018 All rights reserved. Huisartsenpraktijk de Makroon Makroon Medisch Centrum KB Medical Services.
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors 24/7 Medical care for Tourists Expats Route Contact.
Fax: 31 020 7508813. Amsterdam Tourist Doctors is located in Makroon Medical Center, situated between the Police Headquarters 2 minutes walking distance and Leidseplein 5 minutes walking distance, at Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat, a short street connecting Nassaukade and Marnixtraat, in Amsterdam city center.
Expat Medical Centre.
Medical service in your own language, by dedicated experienced professionals. We are located in central Amsterdam, and cover the area surrounding Amsterdam. Our team of fully registered practitioners offers doctor service, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, dietician advice. Expat Medical Centre offers physiotherapy to expats and tourists in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors 24/7 Medical care for Tourists Expats Opening Hours.
Hotel Home visiting doctor service. The services offered by Amsterdam Tourist Doctors are available for persons without Dutch healthcare insurance. Do you have Dutch healthcare insurance? Please contact General Medical Practice de Makroon Mo-Fr 8AM-8PM or Huisartsenpost Mo-Fr 8PM-8AM and during weekends and public holidays.
Tourist Doctor HotelDoc.
Hoteldoc is the preferred tourist medical supplier for the following partners. The ambulance service in Amsterdam provides emergency care by life threatening situations. Hoteldoc is a close partner to Ambulancedienst Amsterdam. Official tourist organization in Amsterdam. Owned by the local government of Amsterdam.
Expat Medical Centre/Tourist Doctor Start.
Expat Medical Centre. Expat Medical Centre biedt kwaliteits huisartsen zorg in de regio Amsterdam. Ook passanten, toeristen en expats kunnen bij ons terecht. Tevens alle verzekerings, hypotheek, bedrijfs, rijbewijs, sport, duikers keuringen, etc. Naast alle reguliere huisartsen zorg, bieden onze ervaren, internationaal georiƫnteerde huisartsen de volgende service.:
Amsterdam Tourist Doctors 24/7 Medical care for Tourists Expats Amsterdam Tourist Doctors.
24/7 Hotel Home visiting doctor service. Amsterdam Tourist Doctors, 24/7 Medical care for Tourists Expats. Need medical help while visiting or living as an expat in Amsterdam? Amsterdam Tourist Doctors aim to offer you the best 24/7 medical care for an affordable price.

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