Welcome at TMS

The Tourist Medical Service (TMS) was founded in 1978 and since then has provided medical care to guests in Amsterdam. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Tourist Medical Service is an alliance of primary care Sieben & Holtrop.

First Aid

This website provides information about what you can do when you have a certain type of medical problem. This information is free. If you are not sure that this information may solve your problem? Do not hesitate to call us.

Click here for the protocols

Rights & duties

The Tourist Medical Service guarantees accessible medical care. Whether it’s lost or forgotten medication or more acute medical care: qualified doctors of the TMS are stand by 24 hours a day for your guests.

There is clarity about the rates apply (see rates). Through our new website allows you and your guests in a simple way to obtain the necessary medical information.

If you or your guests find it necessary, there will always be a doctor visiting the hotel. The application of a low threshold for your guests to the TMS service from which satisfaction is important.

Rates and payment

If a treatment or advice is required, you can expect a bill.

Payments for a telephone consultation or prescription go through the hotel. The guest must be 25 Euros to pay at the hotel or the hotel bill to put (the memo after the phone consultation directly emailed or faxed the next business day if desired).

In case of a consultation on the practice Monday to Friday and visits to the hotel must be paid in cash payment.

If telephone contact with the TMS doctor is required it means that costs will be charged (see rates). We assume that the hotel guests will advise.

Did you know that most insurance companies compensate the cost of medical care that you make abroad?