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Do I have to apply for Dutch Basic health insurance? You must apply for Basic health care insurance in the Netherlands when.: You work in paid employment or are self-employed in The Netherlands. You work in The Netherlands for short periods of time seasonal work.
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Staying and working in the Netherlands. If you are just here to work for a Dutch employer, you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. This can be done through your employer, but you can also take out your own health insurance with a Dutch healthcare insurer.
Health insurance Netherlands for expats students in 2018.
The Dutch law dictates that all Dutch residents including those with a residence permit are at least insured for the basic healthcare insurance basisverzekering in Dutch. The basic insurance package is already quite extensive and is more or less equal for all health insurance companies.This basic healthcare insurance covers essential medical care, such as.:
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This has been legally stipulated as such. It is legally mandatory to possess a Dutch base-coverage insurance within four months before your permanent residence permit goes into effect. It is important for your base-coverage insurance to already be active at the time that your permanent residence permit goes into effect.
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Basic health insurance to be expanded again in 2018. The basic health insurance package is to be expanded again in 2018. No treatments will be withdrawn from the package, but a. Helping defaulters leave the health insurance default scheme more quickly.
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This right is enshrined in the Dutch Health Insurance law: anyone who lives in the Netherlands and / or enjoys an income in the Netherlands is obliged to at least have a basic health insurance, so that the security of good care is guaranteed for everyone.
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What is covered with a basic healthcare insurance? The coverage of the basic healthcare is set by the Dutch government and the coverage is the same at all the different health insurance companies. In short the basic healthcare insurance covers.:
Dutch health insurance.
What happens if I dont take out health insurance? If you do not take out basic Dutch health insurance within four months, and the government becomes aware that you are not covered, then you will receive a letter from the CAK asking to you to sign up for health insurance within three months.

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