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HEALTH INSURANCE PACKAGE IN THE NETHERLANDS. LOONZORG, CUSTOM MADE HEALTH INSURANCE. PACKAGES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Best Priced Expat Health Insurance. The No Risk Policy Package. The Dutch Public Health Insurance called Basisverzekering doesnt cover your first healthcare expenses up to 385, euro compulsory excess/deductible/Verplicht Eigen Risico.
Health insurance Netherlands: What is covered?
With this insurance every Dutch person is assured of medical care. Insurers must accept everyone for the basic insurance. For additional insurance they do not have the obligation to accept every person. Every Dutch citizen is legally obliged to have a health insurance.
Bewuzt Affordable health insurance Netherlands.
What does the basic Dutch policy cover? You are obliged to take out basic Dutch health insurance if you stay in the Netherlands for an extended period of time. Children of 17 years and under are free of charge co-insured.
The Complete Guide to Getting Health Insurance in the Netherlands DutchReview.
There are special international insurances that you can take out, however, you can only apply if you do not have a permanent residence permit, you do not live in a reception facility for asylum seekers and of course, you dont already have Dutch health insurance.
Basic Health Insurance.
You can visit any care provider. Can be supplemented with ExtraVerzorgd 1 to 3 and TandVerzorgd 250, 500 or 750. Calculate the premium In Dutch. What is reimbursed from the Basic Health Insurance? The Basic Health Insurance will, for example, reimburse.:
Health insurance Netherlands for expats students Compare.
The Dutch law dictates that all Dutch residents including those with a residence permit are at least insured for the basic healthcare insurance basisverzekering in Dutch. From the moment you obtain your burgerservicenummer BSN, you have four months to apply for a health insurance.
Affordable Health Insurance Plans in The Netherlands.
Do I have to apply for Dutch Basic health insurance? You must apply for Basic health care insurance in the Netherlands when.: You work in paid employment or are self-employed in The Netherlands. You work in The Netherlands for short periods of time seasonal work.
Dutch Basic Health Insurance Studentenverzekeringen.
In order to find out whether you are required to apply for the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, you can follow the SVB Health Insurance Check. If the outcome is that you need to be insured under the Wlz you can apply for Dutch Basic health insurance.
Healthcare in the Netherlands Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
A 2008 article in the journal Health Affairs suggested that the Dutch health system, which combines mandatory universal coverage with competing private health plans, could serve as a model for reform in the US. 16 17 However, an assessment of the 2006 Dutch health insurance reforms published in Duke University's' Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law in 2008 raised concerns.
Basic Healthcare Insurance for The Netherlands Dutch National Health Insurance Aon Student Insurance.
If you are required by Dutch law to obtain the Basic Healthcare Insurance for your primary medical expenses, Aon offers a special Basic Healthcare Insurance at a competitive rate for international students group discount of 75%. Apply for Dutch Basic Healthcare insurance.

Note that you need a BSN to register for insurance. The health care insurance companies are private, but are fully bound to Dutch health legislation. They have to accept you for the standard package, regardless your age, health or unhealthy habits.

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